Elegance: What’s coming?

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This is just a quick note to say that the next minor version of Elegance is in development. The next release (version 2.7.1) will feature a lot of bug fixes and a couple of new features. If you’d like to follow development you can check the status of the 2.7.1 Milestone over at github. It’s already past due by a day- but we had a lot of new issues opened in the last week that we wanted to fix before a new release. In general we do a lot of testing on the weekly+ and master branches of Moodle so we should be able to get a release out the door one week behind a Moodle release. So what do you need to do to get ready for the next version? I suggest you head over to the Favicon Generator and make sure you have branding for all your mobile...

Moodle $OUTPUT: An Introduction

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Here at iyWare we’re not really developers. Sure we write some code, and we have even released a few plugins for Moodle, WordPress, and Mahara but really we’re in the educational technology consulting business. Recently we took over development of the Elegance Moodle theme from its original author and began auditing the code. We quickly released a Moodle 2.7 compatible version- but to the (understandable) dissatisfaction of a lot of users some of the changes we made were perceived as “worse” or at least “not better” than the older version of the theme. So in this post I’d like to clarify why some of the changes we made were made and why they’re actually better. This may get a bit technical but I’ll try to keep it simple. $OUTPUT Rules All In Moodle what a plugin can do is determined by what kind of plugin it is. This is logical AND...

Elegance 2.7 release

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It’s taken a little bit longer than we had hoped but we’re happy to announce that the official 2.7 version of Elegance has been released! It’s currently available in the Moodle plugins directory. As with all of our releases we have also opened a new support thread at the moodle.org forums. Since this is our first release since taking over development of this plugin we were primarily on a “how does this work?” expedition. As such there’s not a lot of new functionality, but there are quite a few bugs that have been fixed. The two biggest changes in this release are 1) official Moodle 2.7 compatibility and 2) dependence on moodle-theme_bootstrap. This is not to be confused with “bootstrapbase” which is included in Moodle 2.7. But, in the effort of easing confusion – if you’re using the Moodle auto-updater (which you should be)...

New Home for Elegance

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It’s been a whirlwind few months in the Moodle theme community. Julian Ridden released a new theme, Elegance which garnered a massive amount of downloads as well as a TON of forum posts and issues at github. This was partly Julian’s fault because he labeled the theme as STABLE when it really should have been BETA or even ALPHA, but this also happens with stuff that’s labeled ALPHA too- people see it, want to try it, and are surprised when stuff doesn’t work. Then a few child themes / clones were created, notably elegantchild, and a few people even helped fix bugs! And then something happened that nobody expected; Julian announced that he would stop development on all of his plugins and be leaving the Moodle community for Ruby~ier pastures- namely to work for Instructure’s Canvas LMS. I gotta say, it sounds like an awesome gig! I would have loved to have...

Moodle Demo Site Down

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Just a quick note, we had to take down our Moodle demo site (moodle.iyware.com). The demo site has always lived on the dev branch of Moodle and with the new 2.7 system requirements our host no longer meets them. We’ve let our host know that we’d like to see a server upgrade – but for not it’s not going to happen. Rather than reinstall on a stable branch, we’ve decided to shut down the demo site for now.