Moodle Demo Site Down

on Apr 24, 2014 in Moodle | 0 comments

Just a quick note, we had to take down our Moodle demo site ( The demo site has always lived on the dev branch of Moodle and with the new 2.7 system requirements our host no longer meets them. We’ve let our host know that we’d like to see a server upgrade – but for not it’s not going to happen. Rather than reinstall on a stable branch, we’ve decided to shut down the demo site for now. Moodle Text Filter Release

on Feb 13, 2014 in Moodle | 0 comments

Syntax highlighting is hard. So is porting a syntax highlighter from platform to platform. So we thought, “Why not be lazy?” Bam. Introducing the Moodle Text Filter – for the lazy man (or woman). This plugin converts any Pen URL into an embed of that Pen. Here’s a brief overview of what we’re talking about. Put some text into the ol’ text editor, and if it contains a link to a Pen (i.e. /pen/) the filter will embed the Pen. Notice that in the above image the first two lines are both a Pen URL, but look at the output: Only the first one was embedded. That’s because a link to a pen is escaped by the filter. The third line wasn’t converted because it isn’t a link to a Pen, it is a link to the details page. The fourth line wasn’t converted because, I don’t really have to explain it do I? What kind of terrible...

The Simplex Project: Introduction

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It’s no secret that Moodle is geared toward college and university use, or at least to higher-level learning, but there’s still a huge contingent of primary school users out there. Unfortunately the attitude generally is “take it or leave it” when it comes to usability for small children and themes exemplify this more than anything. We’ve decided to change that. Introducing Simplex, a Moodle project designed specifically for primary student and touch-device users. We don’t mean just a large logo in comic-sans or bright pink background with the normal Moodle interface resting on top. We mean a bottom-to-top redesign of the user interface and experience. Currently we’re hoping for a beta release around May and a stable release around July. If you’re interested in helping out head to the project page to see how you can help. If you just want...

I’m Now a Moodle Contributor!

on Jan 19, 2013 in Moodle | 0 comments

I’ve reported a lot of bugs (some bogus, some good) for Moodle and participated in several more over the last few years, but up until now that’s been the limit of my efforts. Well that’s all changed now! Introducing MDL-23504: “Transparency and RGB support to colour picker” and MDL-36991: “Conditional activity restrictions should be displayed as a list”. The first was an older reported bug that I discovered when integrating the colourpicker setting into Zebra. Not only did I add transparent support but a few others like: currentColor, inherit, rgb(), rgba(), hsl(), and hsla(). The second was an enhancement request that I filed and with guidance from Moodle HQ was able to successfully implement. So what did I learn? A lot about Moodle APIs and functions to start, but I also learned a lot about the development cycle, the need for coding style,...

Moodle Plugins Directory Statistics

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I recently noticed that added some statistics to plugin pages, which had been a requested feature for a while. Maybe I’m just prideful but I like seeing how many people are using my contributions. Of course, just having a number doesn’t really mean that much unless you can compare it to something. Which is what the stats page is for. So let’s take a look at my favorite plugin in the Directory, Zebra (Ok, maybe I’m biased). Actually, I only thought about it because I saw it was on the lists! Let’s take a look at the 2012 graph: Over 9,000 downloads and counting 11th most downloaded plugin (all categories) 6th most downloaded theme Now for the last 2 months: 8th most downloaded plugin (all categories) 3rd most downloaded theme Of course you can’t take this too seriously because this has no way of knowing the number of downloads coming from...